The Nutty Wizard Lewes Community Cafe is a cafe set up by young people, run by young people, for young people

The Nutty Wizard Community Café is Lewes' independent, non-profit making meeting place for young people.

The Nutty Wizard is a meeting place for the young people of Lewes. They come to socialise, play pool and table football and enjoy cheap food and comfy sofas.

The café is currently open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 - 9pm.

The Nutty Wizard is a non-profit organisation which means we need your help to keep running.

If you'd like to volunteer at the cafe / help with fundraising / get involved in some way / get some more information please get in touch: 01273 480898 (during our opening hours) or Send us a Message

Some stuff you might not know about the Nutty Wizard

It doesn't make money

Things are cheap at the Cafe! A whole heap of goodies at rock-bottom prices. We think this is very important, as most young people don't have a lot of money. The cafe runs mainly on donations and fundraising, not on profits from over the counter, but every sale helps.

It's run by volunteers

Young people volunteer to help out at the Nutty Wizard because they want their friends to have somewhere to go.

We can open when people volunteer; when they don't, we can't.

It was started by young people

Who else would have the idea? The group that conjoured up the Nutty Wizard were between 13 and 18. They thought there should be somewhere for young people in Lewes to hang out. Together with some oldies, they raised money, found the building, converted it, and opened it in May 1998.

It's independent

The Nutty Wizard is a charity. It's not run or funded by the council, the Youth Service, or any other big organisation. The organising group, mainly young people, decide how things work. You are welcome to come to meetings, and say what you think.

It's yours - do something!

If you're a young person, the cafe is here for you. It's a community thing - that means it's two way. If you meet friends here, like the cheap food, the sofas, the music, then do something to help. Put your name down to volunteer for a session, get your mates to do the same, come to the next meeting, have your say in how to make the Wizard even better. Contact us